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3 Good reasons to get a Business Directory Account!

Get more sales

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Extend your sales with the help of new target group

Raise Awareness

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Reach out new customers which could be reached before only by “word-of-mouth”

Promote your products

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Create events, sell tickets, promote your services, search for new staff and become a #1 choice for expats in your city

We are a local marketplace for internationals. We help new people in the city to adapt and make the best of their new living place. We know what they like, we know what they are looking for.

You are a local service provider. You know what you'd like to do next as your business grows.

Our Business Directory offers you a direct exposure to internationals and new business opportunities. Become mobile and more popular among more people without any complex efforts.


How to join us?

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3: Explore the Jobs portal, the events system and deals system to make full use of your account!

Congrats! You are a part of our international family!  

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